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We Look Forward to Helping You Reach Your Goals

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Many people have a will or trust and don't realize it may be missing pieces, and fail when it matters most. 


Polaris Law Group builds custom plans that work, and we educate clients on how to protect themselves and loved ones as things change.

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So clients can live life as they wish today and rest assured their legacy is safe tomorrow.

What can I expect during our meeting? 

You’ll be welcomed into our open, bright office in St. Charles.  If you choose a video call, that’s fine, too.

We’ll sit down together and learn a little bit about you and your goals, and we'll know if we can help you reach them.

If we think we can help, great, we’ll lay out step-by-step how to build your plan together.

If not, in most cases we’ll be able to recommend someone else who is a better fit for your goals.

Of course, you’ll be able to ask any questions you have as well.

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What does not happen in our meeting?

First, our consultation is not a high-pressure sales pitch.

It’s a conversation about you, your situation, and how we might be able to help you.

If we can help you, fantastic.  If not, that’s okay too.

This is not a one-time meeting where you’ll walk in, we’ll hand you some stock paperwork to sign, and you’re completely done in 30 minutes.

We want to be upfront about that so you don’t get disappointed.

The truth is, you will end up with a custom plan built for your unique needs and goals.  That takes a discussion, and we walk you through and explain each step.

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Our Attorneys

Shaped By Their Own Journeys So They Can Guide You

Raymond Chandler turned his focus to estate planning after having seen his own extended family become involved in nasty fight over property upon the death of a loved one. He witnessed firsthand a family being torn apart simply because of a lack of planning ahead. He has made it his goal to educate families on the importance of estate planning, especially to avoid family fights after a loved one dies.
Scott Stork decided to focus his practice in estate planning after the death of a friend. In fact, Scott spent time the day before his friend died in the hospital trying to help his friend sign his estate planning documents so that his wife and young son were protected. He saw firsthand the dangers of not planning in advance, and the difficulty that the families faced because of it. It became his passion to help people not make the same mistakes.