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Control how your estate resolves so the family won't fight.

Keep probate judges away from your estate to avoid disputes, legal fees, court costs, and delays.

Protect your estate from tax collectors, creditors, and others who want to take from you and your family.

Control disability and end-of-life medical treatement -- even if you can't communicate in the moment.

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How We Help

Advanced Legal Services to Build and Execute Your Plan

Polaris creates estate plans tailored to your unique needs, helps you maintain and update your plans and guides family members through key processes following your disability or death, including probate and estate/trust administration.

For those concerned about long-term care, Polaris delivers Proactive Elder Law Planning to help you navigate the maze of options. Polaris customizes plans to fit your unique needs while minimizing the headache, hassle and uncertainty associated with long-term care planning.   

For individuals who own businesses or commercial real estate, Polaris assists with business formation to create a solid legal foundation for growth and succession planning to ensure your holdings transfer according to your wishes. 

Estate Planning Family

An estate plan is a legal blueprint that defines how everything is handled when you are disabled or pass away. A good estate plan gives you the clarity, confidence, and power to:

  • Control your assets while you are alive and well.
  • Provide for yourself and loved ones if you become disabled.
  • Give what you have left…
    • To whom you want
    • When you want
    • The way you want
  • Minimize tax bills and professional fees.
  • Assure your wisdom is transferred along with your wealth.

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Elder Law and Medicaid PlanningPlanning for disability and the need for long term nursing care is becoming more and more important. This is especially true with the rising costs of nursing home care threatening to wipe out entire life savings. With the proper planning ahead of time, families will be able to help save property from being wiped away during a long term care situation. Even when the need for nursing home arises immediately, there are options available for families to be able to save homes, money, and other important property.

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Business Planning and LLC CreationEvery business from the beginning entrepreneur to the Fortune 500 needs to have a stable legal foundation to build upon. There are advantages and disadvantages to the different types of foundations determined by your business entity. Each type of business entity can have lasting impacts on how you do business, the risks in doing business, and the extent of your liability. These types of entities include sole proprietorship, partnerships, limited liability partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. When starting your business (or shoring up your legal foundation) it is important to talk to an experienced business attorney to review your specific needs and benefits.

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Probate Court and Probate AttorneysProbate and Estate Administration involve a complex process, even when there is no need to go to court. A family facing these complex issues will almost always gain many benefits by seeking the advice of an experienced probate and estate administration attorney. This can help make sure family members are making the correct decisions, that everyone’s rights are protected, and that all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. Our attorneys help the personal representative (executor), heirs, beneficiaries, and other family members settle the estate properly, either through the Probate Court or through the proper settlement of a trust.

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What Makes Us Better

A Unique Approach to Create Your Plan, Keep It Up to Date, and Execute It When Needed

The Estate Planning Attorneys at Polaris Law Group, LLC use a unique Three-Step Strategy™ to ensure that your personalized estate plan will work in the way you want it to.

  1. Develop your plan through a detailed counseling and design process. Going beyond merely filling out ‘off the shelf’ forms.
  2. Transferring assets into properly titled ownership, and maintaining your plan through an ongoing, formal maintenance and education program.
  3. Working together with your family to settle your estate at your death. Through our proactive family training programs designed to help your family understand the plan that has been put in place and ensure they are prepared with proper instructions.

We spend the time to get to know you, understand your family and explore the vision for your legacy. Many planners merely fill out ‘off the shelf’ forms to generate estate plans. Those plans focus primarily on reducing estate taxes and avoiding probate -- without focusing on the unique issues and concerns of each family. We dive deep to learn from, educate and counsel you. This process generates plans that better reflect your unique wishes and needs.

Many attorneys treat estate planning as a transactional event. Write the plan. Hand it to you. Send you a bill and end the relationship.. We view planning as an ongoing process. Plans evolve. Fortunes change. Needs shift. Laws get revised. Financial limits rise and fall. Tax exposure shifts. Because the landscape continues to change, we act as partners in an ongoing relationship with you.  When we first write your plan, we base it on what we know at that moment. But we don’t freeze your plan in time. As things change, we update the plan to make it reflect your current wishes, instructed by current laws. You don’t have to remember to call on us for updates. We’ll be there for you, to monitor the changing landscape, reach out to you periodically and revise the plan as needed.

Many estate plans employ trusts. But too many estate planners don’t help their clients assign assets to (“fund”) those trusts. Years after the plan is written, many planners aren’t there to help when it’s time to settle the estate. Polaris uses a unique Three-Step Strategy™ that covers all the bases so nothing slips through the cracks: 1) Develop the plan. 2) Fund the plan. 3) Work with your family to settle the estate with minimum headache and hassle after your death.

Most people rely on many professionals to handle their affairs -- financial advisors, accountants and others. Too often, though, professionals don’t work together on estate planning. The result: conflicting advice, unfortunate surprises, tasks slipping through cracks, discord and confusion. We encourage our clients to connect us with their other advisors so we can work as a team and avoid such trouble.

At Polaris Law Group, LLC, we focus exclusively on estate planning, elder law, probate, and business planning. Planning is all we do. 

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Our Attorneys

Shaped By Their Own Journeys So They Can Guide You

Raymond Chandler turned his focus to estate planning after having seen his own extended family become involved in nasty fight over property upon the death of a loved one. He witnessed firsthand a family being torn apart simply because of a lack of planning ahead. He has made it his goal to educate families on the importance of estate planning, especially to avoid family fights after a loved one dies.
Scott Stork decided to focus his practice in estate planning after the death of a friend. In fact, Scott spent time the day before his friend died in the hospital trying to help his friend sign his estate planning documents so that his wife and young son were protected. He saw firsthand the dangers of not planning in advance, and the difficulty that the families faced because of it. It became his passion to help people not make the same mistakes.