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An estate plan is a legal blueprint that defines how everything is handled when you are disabled or pass away. A good estate plan gives you the clarity, confidence, and power to control your assets while you are alive and well or provide for yourself and loved ones if you become disabled. Additionally, an estate plan could help you give what you have left to whom you want, when you want, and the way you desire. Finally, in many cases, careful estate planning could ensure that you minimize your tax liability and assure your wisdom is being transferred along with your wealth. A St. Charles County estate planning lawyer could help with all this, assessing your property and family situation to create the best framework for you.

What is an Estate? Do you Have an Estate to Plan?

Your ‘estate’ is everything that you own. This can include your home, cash accounts, retirement accounts, life insurance, stocks, vehicles, jewelry, and anything else that you have. Everyone has an estate, some bigger than others. Everyone benefits from an Estate Plan.

There are many different documents you could implement in your framework, five of which are rather important. A Last Will and Testament, a General Durable Power of Attorney, a Health Care Power of Attorney, an Advanced Medical Directive and a Revocable Living Trust are all crucial to protecting your future, and they all work in different ways. A knowledgeable St. Charles County attorney could explain these documents in detail and determine which would be best for your unique situation.

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Maybe you want to create an estate plan, but you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin or how to get started? This is just the reason we created this FREE estate planning workshop.

Why Work With Us

Our Three-Step Strategy™ Can Help You Plan Your Estate

When you work with our estate planning attorneys in St. Charles County, we will walk you through our unique Three-Step StrategyTM to create your custom estate plan and take the additional necessary steps to make sure it meets your goals and works smoothly for your family. family to ensure that your estate settles according to your plan, your wishes, and your goals.


Our attorneys will discuss your estate planning goals, counsel you through all the options you have available, and take the time to truly guide you through the creation of your unique plan. We not only want you to have an estate plan that works, but we want you to know how your estate plan works.

Having your documents in order is simply the first step of an estate plan that works. You will also need to ensure that your property, assets, and belongings are tied to your estate plan. Our team will not only create your estate plan, but we will also make sure you take this essential step to help make sure nothing is missed.

The most robust estate plan in the world means nothing if it is not executed properly upon your disability or death. Every estate, regardless of size, needs to be settled in some way when a loved one passes away. Our team of attorneys will be there for your goals.

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Contact a St. Charles County Estate Planning Attorney to Get Started

With a well-drafted estate plan in place, you can rest assured that your family will not have to endure the public and costly process of probate. You will be confident that your estate will not be depleted by unnecessary taxes and fees. Most importantly, your family will know what your wishes are being respected, which helps avoid complications and unnecessary fighting. Our client driven approach is focused on building a relationship with you and your family. We take pride in dedicating the time to explore all the issues that are important to you. We use this time to develop a comprehensive plan that works well and minimizes disagreement. To get started on your case, call our office and speak with a St. Charles County estate planning lawyer.

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Peace of Mind

Ray really listened to and empathized with what we need. We have a great peace of mind knowing our families are set up if something should happen.

- Sarah Rancuret
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Trusted Estate Planners

Scott has been our Estate Planner since 2016. We have been very satisfied with the service and attention that Polaris has given us. Once you have become their client, you are totally taken care of as far as keeping your affairs in order and up to date. We would recommend them to anyone that needs to get their estate in order and keep it there.

- Ronald Theel
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Professional and Responsive

The Polaris Law Firm has been very professional and helpful guiding my husband and I throughout the process of developing our estate plan. They are very responsive and put at us at ease in case of the unexpected.

- Christine Cortadillo

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