Polaris Law Group

Scott Stork decided to focus his practice in estate planning after the death of a friend. In fact, Scott spent time the day before his friend died in the hospital trying to help his friend sign his estate planning documents so that his wife and young son were protected. He saw firsthand the dangers of not planning in advance, and the difficulty that the families faced because of it. It became his passion to help people not make the same mistakes.

Scott also knew that the traditional way most attorneys practice estate planning doesn’t work. Too often, attorneys just “create documents”, leaving clients confused and thinking that everything is done. Most attorneys don’t take the extra step to educate their clients, help them identify and clarify their goals, and then leave the client solely responsible for all of the extra necessary work that must be completed to make their plan work correctly.

Scott Stork has been practicing law since 2002. Originally from Nebraska, he graduated from undergrad with an education degree, and taught high school prior to law school. He practiced law in Virginia from 2002 until late 2005, when he moved to St. Louis. Scott was a prosecutor in Virginia and St. Charles County until 2011, trying many complex jury trials. He went into private practice with a general practice firm at the end of 2011, where he continued working as a trial attorney.

With his background as a teacher, Scott is adept at helping to educate clients about what estate planning really is, how it can help them and their families, and how the client, Polaris Law Group, and their trusted advisors can work together to accomplish their goals. His background as a trial attorney and litigator also allows him to see the end result of not planning properly. Too often this will lead to large family fights and families who end up in court, spending tens of thousands of dollars on attorney’s fees. In fact, Scott advocates that his clients make sure that planning is often times a “family project”. One of the tenants of Polaris Law Group is that we want to make sure our clients have family meetings after they create their plans, and that their family and trusted helpers are trained so that in the event the client becomes disabled or dies, the family knows what to do and who to call.