Polaris Law Group

Polaris Law Group is a full-service law firm focusing its practice in the areas of estate planning, elder law, business planning, and probate and estate administration. We emphasize using the most current estate planning techniques to help our clients achieve their goals. As members of The National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, ElderCounsel, The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, as well as other estate planning organizations, we have at our disposal some of the latest and most effective estate planning techniques in the industry.

We are a different type of law firm.  Most estate planning lawyers work in a transactional manner, meaning that after your documents are delivered (no matter how complex or simple) the attorney no longer represents the client.  They put the burden on the client to ensure that all of the steps necessary to complete their planning are done.  This means the client must interpret complex instructions to "fund" their trust and must also do all of the leg work and due diligence themselves.  It is also up to the client to contact the attorney if they feel their plan needs updated. As you can imagine, most of these plans just don't work.  In fact, our funding coordinator works with you to ensure that all of your assets have been properly allocated to, and integrated with, your estate plan.

Our law firm works in a cooperative manner with our family of clients. We have a large, diverse, and growing client family who sees us every year. It is the mission of Polaris Law Group to ensure that our clients’ plans are going to work during the time that they are alive and well, during any time of disability, and that their wealth and their wisdom are transferred as a part of their legacy to their loved ones after their death.

Our planning is very process oriented. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and in our ability to ensure that the plans are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

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