Business Planning and Succession

Many of our clients own their own business. This is a major part of the legacy they wish to leave to future generations. In order to make sure that the business can be passed on and future generations continue with the success, a business must have two essential strategies in the right place. First, the business must have a solid legal foundation to ensure it can grow. Second, the business and business owner must have a succession plan in place to make sure any transfer is handled according to the owner’s wishes.

Business Formation

The attorneys at Polaris Law Group will sit down with you to create a strategy for your business form the moment you have that next great idea. We can help identify the best strategy to fit the needs of you and your business. This may be incorporation, forming a partnership, or an creating an LLC. Then, we will help show you and advise you through the many complexities beyond simply filing the proper papers with the Secretary of State. These can include:

  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Corporate ByLaws and Resolutions

We will look at your entire legal framework to make sure the business is built on a solid foundation from which to grow.

Business Succession Planning

Is your business ready to be handed off when you are ready? What if a business partner were to suddenly become disabled or die? What if you are suddenly unable to perform the day to day tasks of keeping the business running? Is your business set up to be passed along to whom you want, the way you want? We will help you answer all of these questions and more while developing a comprehensive succession plan for your business.

Real Estate

If you are an owner of rental property there are many legal variables which need to be discussed with a qualified and experienced attorney. We help rental property owners, protect personal assets, create a specific succession plan for the property, and create a strong legal foundation. We want to make sure that dream rental property does not turn into a nightmare for you and your family.

The attorneys at Polaris Law Group are experienced and qualified business law and business planning attorneys. We are dedicated to providing proper legal advice to businesses looking to create a strong legal foundation and lasting legacy with their business. We help business owners throughout Missouri, St. Charles MO, St. Peters MO, O’Fallon MO, Chesterfield MO, Lake St. Louis MO, St. Charles County, St. Louis County, and surrounding areas.