Free guide reveals: How a powerful estate plan protects you, your loved ones, and your legacy.

Steps to take and keep control of your assets—so your hard-earned wealth goes to whom you choose, and to prevent tax collectors from taking a big bite of your savings.

Uncover keys to how you can:

control how everything you own gets managed and distributed when you become ill or deceased

reveal the 5 documents every estate plan should use—many plans miss at least one

block judges and bureaucrats from deciding how your estate settles and who gets what

prevent battles between family members where only lawyers win

protect your property from passing to the wrong people or without safeguards

PLUS you’ll learn the most important and powerful tool within your estate plan, so you have clarity about the future and confidence your estate will resolve as you intend.

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Q: Do I have an “estate”?

Your ‘estate’ is everything that you own. This can include your home, cash accounts, retirement accounts, life insurance, stocks, vehicles, jewelry, and anything else that you have. Everyone has an estate, some bigger than others.


Some “so called” experts might say only the super rich or elderly need to fill out the 5 key documents in an estate plan, but everyone has an estate to protect and this guide shows how.

Q: Who needs an Estate Plan?

This guide is for you if you…

Want to distribute your assets while keeping enough for you to live how you wish.

Lose sleep imagining family members fighting over your assets.

Worry that your hard-earned wealth may end up with someone you didn’t choose.

Desire control regarding disability and end-of-life medical treatment.

Wish to prevent judges and bureaucrats from controlling how your estate settles.

Fear your family will lose what you leave them due to lawsuits, divorces, and other legal entanglements.

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Only Rich People Need An Estate Plan

If you own anything you have an “estate.” If you want to control how your estate settles, you need an estate plan.

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Anyone With A Law Degree Can Write A Trust


Because every trust is unique and different, and the laws are constantly changing, it is important to have your trust prepared and reviewed by a qualified estate planning attorney who works in the area of Revocable Living Trusts on a regular basis.

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Wills and Estate Plans Are Only For “Old” People


If you have assets, and you wish to control how your estate settles, the best time to create or update a plan is before you really need it.

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